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박은빈 (PARK EUN-BIN) 공식 팬카페
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자유토크 🩷+400 BINGO) 2기💚
추천 1 조회 125 24.06.11 02:15 댓글 8
게시글 본문내용
  • 24.06.11 02:41

    첫댓글 congrats on becoming the 2nd generation Bingo🩷💚 seems like all overseas bingos had a pop up error when making the payment. But you made it too! Thank you for the warm hearts and votes my dear Bingo🤗🩷💚 Have a great Binday🩷💚

  • 작성자 24.06.11 02:52

    Thank you very much for this beautiful welcome🤗dear Bingo🩷💚🥰 I am happy. I also got an error a couple of times when processing the payment; On the second occasion, when processing the payment, it sent me a blocked pop-up window and I was scared, because the charge was made to my credit card. I kept calm and thought, so i went to my profile and The ticket was already in my GlobalInterpark Profile and I was happy again🤗🩷💚 have a wonderful Binday you too!! 🩷💚

  • 24.06.11 05:55

    Felicidades!! 🩷 ya podremos disfrutar de todas las cosas maravillosas que eunbin nos dara! 🥺

  • 작성자 24.06.12 00:20

    ¡Agradezco sinceramente tus palabras y te felicito igualmente! ¡Enhorabuena! ✌🏻🤩

    Let's go and support Eunbin together on this new journey of joy and great emotions! 🩷💚

    May the stars ✨always guide you!! 🩵💙

  • 24.06.11 09:46

    empty morning
    Good morning
    Thank you for your effort
    Happy Binday my dear Bingo
    Eunbin for each work other charm there is Sogood
    Fighting for the 2nd bingo
    together Eunbin lm in love cheerup
    happy day sendit

  • 작성자 24.06.12 00:27

    good night
    my dear bingo
    Thank you so much.
    I hope you have a comfortable
    and relaxing night.
    Together let's support Eunbin in 2nd Bingo 🩷💚
    Kind regards!!

  • 24.06.11 11:44

    Good job signing up for the 2nd bingo fan club! Good job voting for pretty Eunbin and have a happy BIN day!😄

  • 작성자 24.06.12 00:31

    Thanks to you too. Let's support the talented Eunbin and start a new journey together. Have a restful night. Greetings 👋☺️