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지구촌 영상문학 Cafe
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만엽_시 Love is...
지구촌 추천 2 조회 7 12.03.20 17:26 댓글 2
게시글 본문내용
  • 16.11.29 15:45

    첫댓글 * Love is... 하늘 같아요
    자기 맘대로 인걸요 .. 구름끼면
    그리움으로 동동 발 구르기도 하고
    바람 불면 -
    보고픔으로 석양들녘을 혜매기도 해요
    그래도 .. Love is... 아름다움 인걸요
    멋잇네 .. 늘 곱네 ..
    고운시 잘 읽엇어요
    늘 감사해요 .. 고맙습니다.

  • 작성자 21.10.10 03:40

    Love is... ~ Written by Park Manyup

    Love is...
    It's time to feel like we had thousands of conversations even though we met at the tea house and didn't say anything.

    Love is...
    we came out of the tea house without saying much, but it was time to think of your face as soon as I turned around.

    Love is...
    It's time to ponder day and night if there's anything more to give, and even give life to you're the only one in my mind.

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